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Gold Coast Prints Is Print Shop That Offers A Wide Range Of Products

Gold Coast Prints is a print shop that offers a wide range of products and services. It is founded by Leanne Pearce and Jasmine Smith. The company has a complete art consultancy service, as well as an archival photoprint collection from local and international masters of photography. They also offer art by major Australian artists.

Founders of Gold Coast Prints

Located in the trendy Brickworks area of Southport, FINEPRINTCO Art Bar is a cocktail bar that pays homage to the art of craftsmanship. It is an intimate affair seating up to 40 people, and offers the requisite number of cocktails and fine spirits. The bar has the honor of being the exclusive distributor of the Slim Aarons range of fine art prints. Located in the heart of the creative hub, the bar has garnered a cult following amongst art connoisseurs and pranksters alike.

A visit to the aforementioned bar is a great way to while away the post-work hours. The bar is open Wednesday to Saturday from 1pm to 9pm. In addition to being an opulent establishment, it is also a great place to sample the works of local and visiting artists. As such, the bar has become an essential stop on any Gold Coasters itinerary. The bar is stocked with a slew of high-end beverages including the aforementioned fine booze, as well as a slew of crafty craft beers.

Art by Major Australian Artists

Fine Print Co, part of Gallery One, offers a collection of high-end art and contemporary Gold Coast Prints, including works by major Australian artists. These include iconic prints by Slim Aarons, David Bromley and Craig Ruddy.

The brand’s range is impressive. There are nine different sizes for a range of budgets. All artwork is available in framed and stretched canvas and you can even buy a custom size for a specific space. They are all available with a certificate of authenticity.

Certificate of Authenticity

  • In addition to its fine-art selection, Fine Print Co is home to the complete Slim Aarons print collection. Each piece is embossed with a certificate of authenticity, held by Getty Images.
  • It is also the only Australian agency with access to the original negatives of Slim Aarons.
  • In fact, they hold the exclusive distribution rights for the Slim Aarons range in Australia and New Zealand.
  • FINEPRINTCO has also developed relationships with art suppliers and photographers.
  • In addition to its extensive range of fine art, they have also partnered with Sydney based Snapper Media Images.
  • Snapper Media gives them unprecedented access to the archives of photographers. This collaboration has seen them work with some of the world’s most recognised photographers.

Local and International Masters Of Photography

One of the many high profile art hawkers on the Gold Coast, FINEPRINT co has a well-deserved reputation. The company specializes in high end limited edition artworks of major Australian artists. But what sets it apart from its peers is its dedication to delivering the goods in a timely manner.

For example, it has managed to secure the works of renowned Archibald Prize winners Craig Ruddy and David Bromley. Moreover, the company has teamed up with Sydney based Snapper Media to make its wares a lot more available. In the process, it has earned the enviable reputation of being the gold standard in the fine art print world. It has also garnered a cult like following amongst the art buffs. So if you are in the market for a one of a kind framed work or simply have a knack for etiquette, it might be the place to call your lucky number.

Complete Art Consultancy Service

Fineprintco is an award-winning, high-end, contemporary art print company. They offer a full service consultancy and an online consultation. Their prints are printed on professional grade resin paper, C-Type prints and plexi. FINEPRINT co also offers a range of exclusive collaborations.

For example, they are the exclusive agent for the Getty Images Archive in New Zealand. In addition, they have an in-house team of art experts who are responsible for coordinating the installation and delivery of artworks. The Fineprintco team is also available to advice on the selection and purchasing of artwork for home or office.

FINEPRINT co is a part of the Corporate Art brand, which is a leading art consultancy firm with 30 years of experience in the art industry. The team provides a reliable and accessible service, and offers a range of high-quality products. They have a large collection of prints , including magazine covers and Gold Coast Prints by some of the most renowned artists in Australia.

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