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Cantex Distribution Inc – Healthcare Uniforms

You are looking for a company that specializes in healthcare uniforms , you should consider Cantex Distribution Inc. Located in Canada, the company specializes in supplying healthcare uniforms as well as linens and textiles for the hospitality and health care industry.

Specializes In Healthcare Uniforms

You’re looking for healthcare uniforms for your employees, you’ve come to the right place. Cantex Distribution Inc. specializes in healthcare uniforms and bedding, but they also provide a variety of other textiles. They also offer embroidery services. If you’re in need of healthcare uniforms for your employees, you can place an order with them and have them delivered the next day.

Cantex Distribution Inc. specializes in the supply of linens and textiles to the health care industry and the hospitality industry. Our company’s products include bedding, towels, and uniforms. We are committed to quality and customer service. We offer a full range of products from high-quality fabrics to innovative solutions for a wide variety of needs.

Offer Free Shipping

Hunt textiles is a leading wholesale linen and textile supplier. Their products include sheets, towels, comforters, and duvets. They offer free shipping across Canada. Their products are made from domestic fibers and are suitable for health care and hospitality industries.

You’re interested in purchasing healthcare uniforms, you’ll want to check out Cantex Distribution Inc. Located in Canada, the company specializes in all things healthcare, from hospital gowns to nursing station linen. In addition, they have a full line of kitchen, industrial, and restaurant uniforms.

Providing High-Quality Products and Outstanding Customer Service

For more than 28 years, Cantex Distribution Inc. has specialized in healthcare uniforms. Its customer service philosophy is centered on providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service. Whether a business needs healthcare uniforms or hospitality uniforms, this company has the solution.


You need to purchase health care uniforms for your business, you should look no further than Cantex Distribution Inc. They have been in the business for more than 28 years and have committed to providing excellent service to their clients. In addition to providing uniforms for health care workers, they also offer healthcare-related products, including

  • Bed Linen,
  • Kitchen Towels.

Health Care Employees Plays an Important Role

The appearance of health care employees plays an important role in the way patients and visitors perceive the staff at your facility. Proper uniforms will not only help patients identify your staff, but they will also help promote trust and credibility. A healthcare consultant is available to help you choose the right health care uniforms for your employees.

Provide Hygienic and Clean Linens

Linens for health care uniforms can have a big impact on the image of your facility. Healthcare linens can carry disease-carrying bacteria and viruses, so proper laundering and hygienic care is necessary. Choosing the right healthcare linen provider is crucial for the health of your patients, reputation, and bottom line. Alsco is a trusted provider of healthcare linens.

Medical linens are delicate and need to be cleaned separately from other linens. Hospitals and medical facilities do not have the resources or manpower to wash and maintain linens, so outsourcing this task to a medical linen service company is a good idea. These companies can provide hygienic and clean linens that help maintain the sterile environment in hospitals.

Designed To Prevent Pressure Sores

Bedding for health care uniforms includes bath towels and linens. These are designed to keep patients comfortable and safe, and are especially useful for incontinent patients. These are also designed to prevent pressure sores. Bedding made of recycled wood pulp and polyester blends is also an option. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these linens provide a patient’s dignity and comfort.

There are many ways to determine whether health care uniforms or bed linen are contaminated. For example, bed linen is likely contaminated if it has been in contact with the skin of a patient. Additionally, health care workers’ uniforms may be contaminated if they come into contact with surfaces contaminated with bacteria.

Towel Laundry in Medical Facilities

There are many ways to prevent the loss of clean health care uniforms. One way is to implement a system of towel laundry in medical facilities. Companies such as Prudential Overall Supply provide medical linen services and laundry solutions to health care facilities. In fact, they’ve made a name for themselves by being ranked #4 on the Selling Power list of the world’s best companies to work for.

Keeping medical linens clean is critical to the health care industry. Mishandling them can result in the spread of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. These linens cannot be thrown in a washing machine or run through a regular laundry cycle. Moreover, the healthcare industry cannot afford to trust just anyone to keep them clean.

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