Monday, February 26

Sports Engagement Platform Integrates With Openarena

The OtherLevels Sports Engagement platform combines outbound owned media marketing with dynamic sports powered experiences to help gaming brands reach new audiences. It helps brands increase the number of players returning to a session, improve brand engagement, and drive higher gross gaming revenues. This is an excellent solution for brands that want to expand their sports engagement efforts beyond the traditional television or radio mediums.

Otherlevels Sports Engagement Integrates With Scientific Games Digital

OtherLevels, a customer Sports Engagement platform, is now integrating with Scientific Games’ OpenArena platform, enabling operators to access the best content and optimize player engagement. This includes betting intelligence, data feeds and eSports trading. Through this partnership, OtherLevels can help online casinos and other gaming operators build their customer relationships.

OtherLevels is the world’s leading customer engagement platform, with offices in Europe, the US, and Australia. It offers its clients the ability to engage and retain audience members through live messaging. It also offers integrated solutions for online sports betting and iGaming. Scientific Games’ SVP of Sportsbook Digital Keith O’Loughlin believes this partnership will set the bar for the industry.

Delivers Real-Time Marketing Messages

Scientific Games Digital powers digital gaming content on the FireKeepers Casino website, and the integration between OtherLevels and the casino’s CRM solution enables the company to reach a wider audience with tailored messages. By leveraging CRM, live game data, and user actions, OtherLevels ensures that message delivery is tailored to individual player values, resulting in higher player engagement and retention.

The OtherLevels Sports Engagement Platform delivers real-time marketing messages based on sports and events. It combines game state and betting history with sophisticated condition evaluation and dynamic message content to help marketers reach customers at the right time. Its flexible platform scales across sports and can be implemented quickly.

Marketing Campaigns in a Variety of Channels

With Smartico, marketers can target specific audience segments and create highly-targeted campaigns based on customer interests, behaviors, and demographics. This real-time marketing tool can help improve customer engagement, churn reduction, and increase revenue. It can trigger marketing campaigns in a variety of channels, including email, SMS, and instant messaging.

Real-time marketing messages can be delivered to fans throughout the sports season, including before, during, and after games. Real-time videos are also a great way to establish a brand connection with sports fans. Real-time videos are uncut and unedited, and can show behind-the-scenes action of your team or individual athlete. They can also feature new products or offer an insider’s look at an upcoming event.

Segments Players Based On Betting History

A gaming company can segment players based on their betting history to better target and engage new players. Moreover, the company can also use this data to target existing players and improve retention rates. Moreover, the data collected can also help identify problem gambling behavior and take appropriate action to protect customers. By analyzing a user’s betting history, a casino or online sportsbook can identify their preferred Sports Engagement and easily provide customized offers for them.

Delivers Dynamic Message Content

OtherLevels combines cross-channel marketing and engagement to help brands drive results. As a result, it’s the preferred digital player engagement partner for FireKeepers Casino. The partnership will provide both companies with messaging capabilities and will help them leverage CRM data and live game data to maximize activation and drive new player registrations.

The platform uses real-time sports statistics and player betting history to serve the right proposition to the right player at the right time. This results in more players returning to sessions, increased brand engagement, and increased gross gaming revenues. This unique approach is a unique competitive advantage that brands can use to reach new customers.

Publishing Engine Integrates Game Data

The OtherLevels Sports Engagement Platform utilizes sophisticated decision-making and publishing processes to generate dynamic message content based on game and event data. Its publishing engine integrates game data, player data, and other data sources into a single platform. It then filters these candidate messages into outbound communication tailored to the player’s preferences.

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