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Ownbackup Com IS A Saas Data Protection Platform

As a leading SaaS data protection platform, OwnBackup is a great choice for protecting your business data. It helps you identify mission-critical data and eliminates the threat of data loss in the cloud with daily automated backups and data restoration capabilities. The company also offers a variety of security tools and is committed to ensuring that your data is secure.

Ownbackup Is a Leading Saas Data Protection Platform

The OwnBackup data protection platform has achieved FedRAMP “In Process” certification. This government-wide program provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and monitoring for cloud products. The certification process includes an in-depth evaluation of solution capabilities, data governance capabilities, and security practices.

The OwnBackup data protection platform offers daily secure backups of SaaS data and sophisticated data restore and compare tools. It complements built-in data protection mechanisms from SaaS providers and addresses the data loss risks caused by human error and malicious intent. Additionally, it provides performance reporting that is required to meet compliance regulations.

It Helps Users Identify Mission-Critical Data

OwnBackup com helps users identify mission-critical information and detect malicious activity. Its Smart Alerts feature enables users to set thresholds for anomalous activity and alerts them to it. The service is available for both corporate and personal use, and it fits into the data backup and recovery software market. The market is estimated to be worth $5074.5 million by 2020, and it’s expected to grow to $9.76 billion by 2027.

Besides helping users identify mission-critical data, OwnBackup also performs risk assessments and business impact analysis to identify data vulnerabilities and prioritize the recovery process. The company’s SaaS solution helps companies protect their mission-critical data and ensure business continuity. The platform provides backup and recovery , archiving, sandbox seeding, and data security.

It Eliminates the Risk of Data Loss in Cloud

OwnBackup is a cloud backup service that eliminates the risk of data loss by building a world-class data protection platform. This enables customers to own and protect their data on any cloud platform. The company recently acquired Merlinx and Nimmetry to further strengthen its security offerings. It also recently announced the close of a $240 million Series E round of funding.

OwnBackup utilizes industry-standard encryption to protect customer data and ensures data integrity. It backs up production data twice daily and performs application-level exports. The service also makes use of object storage, object versioning, and automatic aging to ensure maximum data security. It also uses a security-aware infrastructure that supports a 0 hour recovery point objective.

It Offers Daily Automated Backups Restoration Capabilities

OwnBackup is a backup service that offers daily automated backups restoration capabilities. Its daily backup cadence is customizable, and users can choose an exact time for daily backups or a full backup day. The daily backup will only consider changes to your data, while the full backup day will include all of your data and backups. OwnBackup also provides search capabilities for record deletions and changes. You can narrow your search by applying multiple filters, and you can even hide fields that are unchanged.

OwnBackup offers daily backups for a variety of different data sources, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Ncino, Sage, Veeva, and more. It also supports sandbox and production data. When you first use OwnBackup, you’ll have to authenticate with your cloud service provider, but once you’re set up, daily backups will start automatically. The company will also notify you when the first backup has been completed.

It Meets GDPR Requirements for Backed-Up Data

In response to the GDPR’s requirements for backed-up data, OwnBackup has rolled out a new GDPR-ready feature set in its cloud backup service. This new feature set is built on the company’s award-winning backup and recovery service and helps customers respond to requests for data subject rights.

Data retention period depends on the type of data, the legal right to keep it, and regulatory obligations. OwnBackup supports both custom retention policies and regulatory data retention strategies. When determining the retention period, you should take into account the data type, the risk profile of the data, and the business’s compliance obligations.

See and Search For Backed-Up Data

In addition to automatic daily backups, OwnBackup for GDPR also supports GDPR retention requirements by allowing users to see and search for backed-up data. And its retention controls enable users to respond quickly to an EU Data Subject’s request.

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