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QSFPTEK Fiber Optic Transceiver Modules

QSFPTEK is a company that specializes in fiber optic cables and computer networking Transceivers Modules. The company produces high quality products that are designed to work with different types of networks. Their products include SFP+ SR optical transceiver modules.

SFP+ SR Optical Transceiver Module

QSFPTEK is a fiber optic transceiver brand that specializes in producing high-performance optical modules. They offer a full range of 10G SFP+ modules that are compatible with a range of network ranges, from 30 meters to 100 kilometers. These modules support both single-mode and multimode fiber and come with a variety of connectivity options.

Optical Bore Of Your SFP Transceiver Module

Before you begin making connections, make sure the fiber optic connector end-faces are clean and dust-free. Also, check that the optical bore of your SFP transceiver module is clean. Some SFP transceiver modules are equipped with arrowheads that point toward the connector.

Quality Optical Device with Long-Term Reliability

QSFPTEK optical modules go through rigorous quality testing. Advanced equipment and rigorous procedures are used to qualify each module for optimum performance. The result is a high-quality optical device with long-term reliability. They also come with a warranty period for free maintenance.

Used For Various Networking Applications

The QSFPtek SFP+ SR is compatible with Ethernet-based networks and supports 2.5/5 and 10Gbase-T. This versatile module can be used for various networking applications, including workstations, storage devices, and servers. Its flexible design also makes it easy to install.

To remove the SFP transceiver module , open the latch on the backside of the module. You may need to push the latch with your index finger or thumb. Then, take the SFP transceiver module out of the socket using your thumb and index finger.

QSFPTEK Provides a Full Line

QSFPTEK provides a full line of 10G SFP+ optical transceiver modules, which provide high-performance fiber optic connectivity options. These modules support network ranges ranging from 30m to 100km and wavelengths ranging from 850 nm to 1550 nm. They can also be used in networks using copper or RJ45 cables.

Variety of Online Stores

QSFPTEK products are sold through a variety of online stores, including Amazon. They are reliable and have good ratings and reviews. There are also several QSFPTEK product listings on FindThisBest. You can easily find the product you want at a reasonable price.

You’re planning to use the QSFPTEK Optical TransCEiver Module for network applications, be sure to check its optical signal parameters. These parameters can help you to determine whether your QSFPTEK Optical Transmeiver Modules are capable of delivering high-speed data.

Ideal for Wiring Buildings

QSFPTEK’s SFP-10G-LR module is designed for long-distance communication. It supports 10km-long links over standard single-mode fiber and is ideal for wiring buildings together on a large campus or for a Metro Area Network. These SFP+ modules share the same fiber connector and operating temperature. The only differences are in wavelength and distance, as well as the type of laser used in the transmitter and receiver.

High-Temperature-Resistant Semiconductor Lasers

In order to achieve the best performance and stability, you should look for a device that can withstand extreme temperatures. Industrial grade modules use high-temperature-resistant semiconductor lasers, and they use an APD receiver. They also need temperature-compensation software to maintain stable working currents.

The QSFPTEK Optical Transceiver Modules has many different types. QSFP28-LR4 is a good option if you’re looking for the best performance and most reliable connection. It’s available in single-mode and multi-mode varieties, and can reach distances of up to ten kilometers.

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