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Fortnight Brewing Company Is A Contract Brewing Company

Fortnight is a renowned craft brewing company that produces a variety of American craft offerings, including IPAs, barrel-aged stouts, and lagers. It is one of the largest breweries in the country and is featured on several tours. Their beers are available to buy in select retail stores and online. You can also sign up for a tour to learn more about the process.

Fortnight Brewing Company

Fortnight Brewing Company, located in Cary, NC, is the first full-scale brewery in the area. The company is scheduled to open sometime this summer, and is finalizing its location on the west side of Cary. For more information, visit

Contract brewing is a great option for small craft breweries that don’t have the capital to invest in their own facilities or equipment. However, you need to make sure that you’re committed to producing high-quality beer. You’ll also have to ensure that your equipment and space are of the highest quality. While contract brewing has many advantages, it is not right for every brewery.

Four Kettles

Fortnight Brewing Company is planning to open a full-scale brewery in Cary, North Carolina this summer. The company is currently in the process of finalizing its location on the west side of town. The owners, Jayne and Danielle, have been brewing beer together for years and decided to start a package brewery. They have no outside investors and have self-financed the entire business.

Contract Brewing Is a Popular Way

Contract brewing is a popular way to expand your beer production, brands, and geographic reach without having to invest in expensive brewing equipment. It can also help you move beyond mobile packaging and move into distribution. Whether you need a new brewery for a seasonal release or you’re simply looking to expand your business, a contract brewer can provide the necessary assistance.

Fortnight Brewing Company is located in Cary, North Carolina. They have a production capacity of 7700 pints per batch. They also have their own canning line. Cans are a great option for packaging beer because they’re easier to handle and recycle, and they provide better protection for your beer than glass. Additionally, the brewery brews cask ales that are always on tap in the tasting room. This style of beer is aged differently than traditional vats.

Scope of Operations

The scope of operations of a Contract Brewing business may be different from a typical brewing business, but it is generally the same. The contract brewery keeps all production records and provides operation reports to the TTB. This is because the contract brewer is acting as a wholesaler or retailer under federal law.

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