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Magloft Is A Platform That Turns Your PDF Articles

MagLoft is a platform that turns your PDF articles into a stunning digital experience. It also makes your articles SEO-friendly and optimizes them for mobile users. The service is simple to use and allows you to manage your content with a single app. It’s a great choice if you want to publish your content in a mobile-friendly format and generate free traffic from search engines.

Magloft Provides A Range Of Options

MagLoft provides a range of options for publishing your content. Its Automated PDF to HTML conversion service can have your content ready in as little as eight hours. It also allows you to add audio and video to your content. This is a convenient way to publish your PDF content online.

Magloft Empowers Independent Publishers

  • Print Publishers,
  • Agencies,
  • Enterprises to become digital publishers.

It also offers a suite of customizable mobile apps for Android, Apple, and Amazon platforms. This means you can easily convert your printed magazines and other content into high-quality digital publications.

Convert It to Responsive HTML

You want your magazine to be responsive on mobile devices, you can use MagLoft’s automated service to convert PDF content into responsive HTML. The company’s design team can take your print magazine design and adapt it to the digital medium, creating reusable templates for your future issues. You can also use the hands-off service, which starts at $15 per page and is based on the size and complexity of your PDF. In less than 2 weeks, you can get your magazine up and running.

You can convert virtually any type of PDF content into responsive mobile HTML. It is easy and inexpensive to use. The software features a troubleshooting log in its issues section, and supports all major devices. It’s also search engine optimized, and allows you to incorporate your corporate branding. The end result is a beautiful, responsive website that your readers can easily read.

Transform It into a Mobile-First Digital Experience

In today’s mobile-first environment, it’s essential for brands to have a responsive digital experience. For this, you need a solution that can transform your PDF content into responsive HTML content that’s search engine optimized. MagLoft offers a simple and user-friendly solution that helps you create a responsive mobile experience and publish a fully branded PDF edition. It also lets you switch between the PDF and HTML view, add multimedia, and more.

The first step in transforming your website is to conduct a proper pre-planning process. You’ll need to identify your IT and creative teams’ capabilities and set a realistic delivery schedule. Next, you’ll need to work with a development team to bring your vision to life. Remember, mobile-first digital transformation is all about responsiveness, relevance, and accessibility.

Advertise With Magloft

MagLoft’s digital publishing platform makes it easy to convert PDFs to interactive content. It also supports a variety of edition formats, including Adobe InDesign and HTML5. The app can be used for print and online publications, and features an intuitive interface. Its customizable design apps are available for iOS, Android, and web applications. It offers a free trial, so you can see how your finalized digital publication will look. After you’ve completed your free trial, you’ll need to subscribe to publish your product.

The cost of MagLoft is slightly higher than other flipbook software, but the flexibility and ease of use makes it worth the price. The software offers four different plans, depending on your needs and your budget. The free plan is the least expensive option, while the premium plan includes a range of features.

PDF Content Directly On Magloft’s Platform

While you can use the free Indie publisher plan to publish your digital publications, you’ll also need a paid plan to earn more. The Business plan starts at $499 a month and offers unlimited features including white-label branding, a mobile app, and unlimited readers. In addition, if you want to publish your PDF content directly on MagLoft’s platform, you can sign up for a developer account and publish your content directly through the platform. The downside is that this option comes with some developer fees.

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