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Ispring Solutions Is A Software Company

ISpring Solutions is a software company that offers a variety of professional eLearning authoring tools. Its products are used by more than 18,300 companies and 2,500 educational institutions worldwide. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, the company is known for providing easy-to-use products and outstanding technical support. Its flagship product, the iSpring Suite, is a complete authoring toolkit that allows you to convert your PowerPoint training materials into eLearning format with a few clicks.

Ispring Suite Is A Powerpoint-Based Authoring Toolkit

iSpring Suite is an authoring toolkit that lets you create interactive and highly engaging eLearning content with PowerPoint. The suite includes 5 authoring components, including the iSpring add-in for PowerPoint, a quiz editor, a conversation simulator, a screen recording tool, and an interaction editor. It also offers an audio/video editor and a platform for hosting and sharing your eLearning content.

The iSpring Suite is an eLearning authoring toolkit that allows you to create interactive, compelling content for a variety of audiences. Its intuitive interface and familiar PowerPoint environment make it easy for even the most novice to use. It lets you create interactive videos, page-flipping books, and dialogue simulations and supports all eLearning standards. This suite is available as a free download or by subscription. The iSpring Suite Max version guarantees that your eLearning content is responsive to all devices, no matter the resolution or screen size.

It Supports Elearning Standards

iSpring Suite is a PowerPoint add-on that lets you create eLearning courses without having to know anything about coding or HTML. You can easily convert PowerPoint slides and create multimedia courses, including quizzes and video lectures. The iSpring Suite also allows you to record sessions and record lectures. It also works seamlessly with PowerPoint software, allowing multiple people to collaborate on the same project.

The iSpring Suite is a powerful tool for creating adaptive, mobile-ready courses. Its add-in for PowerPoint allows you to create high-quality courses and videos, while enabling you to publish them to eLearning platforms. This software supports a wide range of eLearning standards, including AICC and xAPI, and works seamlessly with any learning management system (LMS).

Perfect Match for Any Learning Management System

It also supports the major eLearning standards, including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and AICC. The iSpring Suite is completely compatible with LMSs and is a perfect match for any learning management system (LMS). The software can be used on any platform or device, including smartphones and tablets. iSpring also offers great customer support, with 83% of cases resolved within two hours.


Another useful feature of the iSpring Suite is its built-in video editor. This tool allows you to record simulated dialogues between two or more people. It also includes a screen recording tool that lets you capture a screen and insert it into a PowerPoint slide. It also has a video lecture player and audio editor. It also allows you to import LMS projects and merge them with iSpring.

It Enables Courses to Be Broken Down Into 15/20 Minute ‘Learning Episodes’

iSpring Suite enables you to break up a course into short ‘learning episodes’, with each episode lasting 15 minutes or less. This is great for teams who need to collaborate on a course without having to email versions back and forth. The iSpring Suite also allows you to store your courses on the cloud, meaning you don’t have to store them on your own computer.

Powerful authoring tools

iSpring Suite’s powerful authoring tools make it easy to create eLearning courses, without the need for expensive training. It includes tools to record narration, produce quizzes, and publish online, while keeping all of your presentation elements in tact. In addition, it includes a Narration Editor that allows you to record and synchronize audio to slides. You can also use the Narration Editor to remove unwanted fragments and noise, allowing you to customize your narration and make it sound better.

  • iSpring Suite also allows you to add annotations, graphics, and captions to your video content.
  • It also includes support for branching to control paths and navigation within your course. You can also add your company’s logo, presenter’s information, and links to additional resources and files.

It Supports Data Security

When creating, sharing and storing iSpring content, the company adheres to strict data security standards. For your protection, iSpring supports industry-standard encryption and security protocols. It also supports data encryption when using off-site storage clients. iSpring has a number of package plans to suit your needs, including Suite, Learn, Market and multiple author plans. It also offers customizable enterprise plans for larger organizations.

In addition to offering the most secure and comprehensive training solution on the market, iSpring Suite also supports data security. Its export capabilities include AICC, cmi5, and xAPI (Tin Can) formats. Furthermore, it offers an inbuilt video editor that enables you to record simulated dialogues. Additionally, the product also includes a screen recording tool that lets you record a video and insert it on a PowerPoint slide. Finally, the iSpring Suite has a video lecture player and audio/video editor.

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