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Spruce Up Your Home With Short Story Home Fragrance

You’re looking for something to spruce up your home Fragrance , consider purchasing a Short Story candle or reed diffuser. You’ll be pleased to know that these unique scents are based on the characters from the popular Star Wars movies. In fact, you can find several Star Wars scents to choose from on Short Story’s website. You can also find an assortment of Star Wars merchandise at Short Story.

Star Wars Short Story Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser

The star wars fan will love the new Star Wars Short Story reed diffused oil. Not only is this product a great gift idea for Star Wars fans, it is also very high quality. Short Story creates high quality Star Wars gifts for a variety of occasions. You can find several of these products at Impulse Gamer’s online store. The Star Wars Short Story reed diffuser is limited edition, but there are plenty of other options to choose from as well, including candles, car air fresheners, and an enamel pin that glows in the dark.

Beautiful Presentation and Costs

This diffuser comes in a beautiful presentation and costs $160 AUD. It features a death star model and is decorated in black and gold. The fragrance is odour neutralising and contains notes of vanilla, patchouli, and deep violet. The diffuser also has a gold Death Star model to enhance its visual appeal. The Star Wars Diffuser is a great choice for Star Wars fans looking for a unique way to scent their home.

Complementary Fragrance Spray

Another star wars reed diffuser is the Disney x Short Story perfumed floral bouquet reed diffuser. This unique diffuser features roses handcrafted in gel infused with fine fragrance and comes with a complementary fragrance spray . As with all Short Story fragrances, these reed diffusers can only be shipped to the continental United States and are not eligible for Priority shipping.

Protected From Drafts

A reed diffuser should be placed away from direct sunlight. It can dry out the reeds and oil, causing them to lose their scent. A cool, shaded area is ideal, but it must be protected from drafts. Direct sunlight can also destroy the scent in the reed diffuser. Keep it in a cool, dry place if you want it to retain its freshness and fragrance.

Buying a Star Wars Short Story Candle

You are a fan of the Star Wars movies and want to give a great gift, then consider buying a Star Wars Short Story candle. The company offers a wide variety of products, all with a Star Wars theme. They include candles, diffusers, and even stones. The Star Wars Diffuser and Car Air Freshener Grogu are both limited editions, and the enchanting Star Wars Candle Grogu glows in the dark.

Home Fragrance Wax Candle Is a Beautiful Addition

The Mandalorian soy wax candle is a beautiful addition to any Star Wars collection. Set after the fall of the Empire but before the emergence of the First Order, this Star Wars candle embodies the lone gunfighter’s plight in the outer reaches of the galaxy. It has a fragrance of fig, macaron, and vanilla, with a base of cedarwood.

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